We are all part of a Sustainable Society.

Environmental aspects, such as making eco-friendly products, fighting pollution and climate change. Feltech has been focusing on developing the innovative acoustic interior products using recycled natural and polyester fibers made of discarded drinking water bottles. Every square of our carpet tile or acoustic wall panel contains the post- consumer recycled polyester.

Social aspects our safe working environment including ecological awareness programs has a great positive influence on all who work with us. Feltech uses the latest thermo bonding technology. This process of bonding fibers using high temperatures and by eliminating any chemical or latex binders, assures you there are no hazardous red list chemicals or adhesive content in our products.


CRI’s Green
Label Plus

ecostep® has low VOCs providing a safer atmosphere and complies with the Indoor Air Quality monitoring program by the Carpet & Rug lnstitute (CRI) and meet LEED criteria, EQ 3.2 Indoor Air Quality.

Level 4 Environmental
Classification Scheme

Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) : Environmental Classification Scheme, ECS Level 4-maximum points

ISO 14001
Environmental Management

The system is a management tool that Feltech utilizes to identify and control the environmental consequences of our activities and products to improve environmental qualities of our products.

Indoor Advantage™ Gold

Indoor Air Quality Certified to SCS-EC10.3-2014 v4.0 Conforms to the CDPH/EHLB Standard Method (CA 01350) v1.2-2017 for the school classroom, private office, and single-family residence parameters.

Singapore Green Label

Singapore Green Label-Environmentally Friendly carpet certificate # 039-009.

ISO 9001 : 2015
Quality Management

Feltech Manufacturing’s quality management has certification body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GMBH who audits our manufacturing sites 1 or 2 times a year, depending on the management systems.


Feltech’s acoustic sound and thermal insulation products use up to 85% recycled content. This surpasses the USGBC LEED MR credit 4.1 & 4.2 recycled content targets. With this high recycled content using Feltech acoustic and thermal insulation products, you are helping to contribute to the clean environment. If you are users of Feltech tile, then you may earn LEED environmental points for your projects.

Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design

MR credit 4.1 = 1 points

Eco Friendly, More than 50% recycled fibers, contributing to the clean environment.

MR credit 4.2 = 1 points

Made from post-consumer discarded PET drinking water bottles.

MR credit 5.1 = 1 points
MR credit 5.2 = 1 points

Regional Materials, 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally with in 500 miles

EQ credit 3.2 = 1 points

Indoor Air Quality Certified, Conforms to the Standard Method for the school classroom, private office, and single-family residence parameters

EA: Energy Performance
(Potential LEED Credit)

Energy performance for school and health care

EQ: Acoustic Performance
(Potential LEED Credit)

Acoustic performance for school and health care


Feltech carpet tile uses our innovative environmentally friendly ECOSTEP backing instead of traditional PVC containing non biodegradable compounds. PVC backed carpet tiles are controversial at the end of their useful life. A large %age of the estimated 120 million m2 PVC tiles replaced annually end up in landfill sites around the world, causing serious pollution to underground water and soil structure.


Feltech is currently using these reclaimed fibers to produce sound insulation felt for the automotive industry. This results in the same fibers being recycled twice (and even for a third and fourth time if the felt can be sent back to Feltech for recycling again after the automobile is scrapped.)


Regenerated fibers are clean and soft like virgin fibers and superior in sound absorption and heat insulation compared with fiberglass pound for pound. Fiberglass is known to be toxic and irritant, posing health hazards to the installation crew and tenants of the building insulated with the material for years to come. Polyester is free of chemicals and safe. It does not absorb moisture and does not rot or deteriorate over time. It is a user-friendly material commonly used for stuffing pillows and making clothing.


Feltech makes best use of recovering disposable single use plastics using source separation. Energy from materials and sources focuses our “circular thinking” for the future environmental and social economies.




of Laysafe®


of acoupanel®
12mm thickness


of acoubatt®

Renewable Energy

This is useful energy collected from renewable resources that are naturally replenished on human timescales. Including carbon neutral sources; sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. This type of energy is in stark contrast to fossil fuels, which are being consumed more quickly than they are replenished.

Important economic outcomes,
Cost saving that reduces the carbon footprint with proactive advances on energy management. Feltech installed 1.4MW solar rooftops at our plants in Amala City Chonburi Industrial Estate. This helps achieve energy saving, reduce carbon footprint and realize sustainability goals.

50% of power consumption comes from our solar rooftops. This project is officially confirmed to have saved our planet approximately 120,000 trees planted last year and reduced CO2 emissions to 1,400 tons.

The internal waste is fully examined by waste management and product development as a critical component in our factory management system. Then this is recycled to make insulation batt or carpet underlay.

This is beneficial both for ourselves and society.

Daily Energy

4,457.79 kWh

Accumulate Energy

3,765,787.52 kWh

Equivalent Tree Planted

189,540 Trees

CO2 Emission Save

2,286 Tons

Environmental Stewardship Framework