LaySafe is a premium needled felt carpet underlay engineered to provide cushion effect for underfoot comfort and better support for the carpet. The product is unique as it is made from a mass of recycled synthetic fibers reclaimed from creel-end carpet yarn needled and compressed to a thickness which transforms the material into a superior sound absorption underlay. With the luxury cushion effect together with acoustical property and other features, LaySafe stands out as an ideal underlay for carpet as well as for wooden floor.
Extremely durable
LaySafe is clean, odorless and extremely durable. Unlike foam rubber, it does not deteriorate or crumble over time. It can be reused when carpet is replaced.
Better support for the carpet
LaySafe is made from millions of recycled synthetic fibers reclaimed from creel-end waste carpet yarn, needled and compressed to an optimum density that would give best support to the carpet, enabling the carpet to retain its new look longer.
Installation LaySafe Installation System
LaySafe has excellent dimensional stability.Carpet installed with LaySafe underlay will stay wrinkle-free and seldom needs re-stretching. LaySafe is ideal for heavy traffic areas particularly for corridors wherever service trolleys are frequently used and in busy public areas. It is suitable for conventional wall-to-wall installation method as well as the double-stick system.
Superior flammability ratings
LaySafe has excellent flame retardant properties compared with foam rubber. If burnt, flames do not spread and gives off white smoke as opposed to toxic black smoke emitted when rubber burns while flames spread rapidly. LaySafe meets Class 1 rating of Critical Radiant Flux for use in corridor and exit ways and as specified by the Nation Fire Protection Association of the United States of America.
LaySafe underlay is ideal for offices where castor chairs are used. Chairs move more freely compared with carpet installed on soft foam rubber underlay.
Product Format
Product Code FDX 75 FDX 40 FDX 32 FDX 28
Traffilc Class Heavy / Double Glue Installation Heavy Heavy Heavy
Weight 950 gms/m2 1,356 gms/m2 1,085 gms/m2 950 gms/m2
Thickness 5-6 mm -/+ 10 mm -/+ 8 mm -/+ 5-6 mm -/+
Width 200 cm 200 cm 200 cm 200 cm
Roll Length 25 meters 16 meters 20 meters 25 meters
Technical Specification
Flammability Test