Florplan carpet tile has been recognized as an environmentally friendly product
by major international environmental institutions.
Sustainable Carpet Tile
Florplan carpet tile uses an innovative, environmentally friendly backing EcoStep instead of the conventional PVC. PVC contains stabilizers such as lead and plasticizer, chemicals that may be released into the indoor environment.

In addition, PVC-backed carpet tiles could pose a problem at the end of their useful life. By some estimate, there are 120 million square meters of carpet tiles being replaced each year worldwide. Of these, at least half would end up in landfills causing serious pollution to the soil and the underground water.

Florpan carpet tiles have been recognized by environmental institutions in Australia, Singapore and U.S.A. as an environmentally friendly product. By using Florplan carpet, not only we can enjoy clean indoor air quality, but also help to reduce the damaging landfills.
Environmental Stewardship Framework
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