AcouSoft is made from 100% polyester fibers engineered to reduce unwanted noise in building interiors. Unlike fiberglass, polyester is clean, non-toxic, non-irritant and odorless, provides clean indoor air quality. Polyester is extremely durable, not affected by moisture and mildew and will not deteriorate or rot over time.
Environmentally Friendly
AcouSoft contains 85% regenerated polyester fibers from discarded plastic drinking water bottles thermally bonded into sheets and rolls without using any binders which contains toxic formaldehyde as commonly found with fiberglass. AcouSoft is fully recyclable and truly an environmentally friendly product.
AcouSoft Décor (Design Options)
AcouSoft is a unique product which can combine superior acoustic performance with design options. With the latest digital printing technology, any pattern or image can be printed to create a unique design.
Product Format